Palestras de 2013

Clinical Assesment of Spinal Biomechanics of Motion and Arthroplasty
Dr. Joseph S. Cheng
Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Pedicle Screw Placement using K-Wireless Technique: Early Clinical Results
Dr. Faheem A. Sandhu
Exercício Profissional Parte 2
Dr. Pedro Garcia Lopes
Yoda a New Dynamic Interspinous Implant
Dr. Gianluca Maestrett
Interspinous Process Spacers: Why? When? and for Whom?
Dr. Daniel K. Resnick
The Future of the Utilization of Spine Surgery – Understanding Costs and Outcomes
Dr. Joseph S. Cheng
Cimentação no Tumor Vertebral
Dr. Carlos Eduardo G. Barsotti
Dr. Anis Mekhail
The effect of Pedicle Screw Based Dynamic Systems
Dr. Bernhard Meyer
Arthroplasty versus Fusion in single level cervical disc disease
Dr. Bernhard Meyer
Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy with Deformity
Dr. Joseph S. Cheng
Adjacent segment disease: does it really exist? Reality ou science fiction?
Dr. Abdelfattah Saoud
Intraoperative monitoring in cervical spine surgery
Dr. Daniel K. Resnick
Must mild cervical spine myelopathy be operated or treated medically?
Dr. Philippe Bancel
Fraturas em explosão em pacientes neurologicamente intactos
Dr. Andrei F. Joaquim
Fraturas toracolombares em explosão com déficit incompleto
Dr. Albert V. B. Brasil
Clinical outcome in patients with early vs. delayed decompression in cervical spine trauma
Dr. Salman Sharif
10 y results experience of Standalone Kyphoplasty in acute traumatic fractures
Dr. Gianluca Maestretti
Craniocervical and C1/2 fusions – Indications and techniques
Dr. Florian Roser
Congenital malformations of the craniocervical junction in children and adolecents
Dr. Philippe Bancel
O-C1-C2 Fixation – Flexibility and Rigidity
Dr. Daniel K. Resnick
Abordagem endoscópica nasal ao dente do axis
Dr. Eduardo Bertolini
Espectro das malformações craniocervicais do adulto
Dr. Edson Dener Z. Ferreira
Tratamento racional da invaginação basilar
Dr. Geraldo de Sá C. Filho

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